Friday, February 20, 2015

The Temple of the Sith: A Vision and a Reality

On a future Earth there existed a mighty Temple of the Sith; it shone in black beauty and heralded the coming of a Dark Age. There, mankind would become our willing slaves, and the world would grow fertile with the power of our Temple. Many power-seekers would join our ranks, but the secret path to our Temple remained known only to a select few Sith.
To pay homage to our Temple; to immortalize its power; to glorify it as the seat of a great Dynasty: this is what it means to be Sith. We must be one with the dark universe, the Dark Force at our command, or the world will not be ours for the making. Let it be written; let it be known; let it be so ordered by the Dark Lords of the Sith.
The Temple of the Sith was born out of the ashes of despair, and sheer passion to build the world’s greatest structure, which would tower over the wretched light side temples and usher in an awe-inspiring new age. The Sith Lords, from this high place, could call down the power of the dark side and release its cleansing poison to envelop all of mankind.
We must be willing to cross that threshold of good vs evil, weakness vs strength, death vs. immortality; to intoxicate ourselves with power — this is the Way of the Sith. To be a cunning cosmic wizard; to learn the immortal ways of the Gods of this universe and beyond; to master the forces of the Multiverse, is to be Sith. To live another way is to bow to the Jedi and see our world destroyed by the destitute and mundane minds of a decrepit religion.
“All men are created equal” is the forgotten creed of puny men of a long-dead nation. “Power is our passion” is the mighty motto of the new age, of the Dark Lords and their magnificent Empire. Hail to the Sith who are bringing forth their mighty Temple — a black monument to the Dark Side, foundation stone of the new religion, and pillar of the great civilization yet to come! Our destiny of world domination has been demonstrated by constructing the first Temple for our kind on this planet — proof that we are the bringers of darkness, and Prophets of the Black Sun rising over this world.
Between the twin pillars of the Temple of the Sith shall burn an eternal flame of victory, for as long as the Sith rule on this world and beyond. High upon its north gate shall wave the red and black Imperial Flag of Power, its nine-pointed star signifying the rule of the nine self-deified Dark Lords over the obeisant and the mundane.
Understand this emblem of power, and you shall know yourself. See it waving beneath the vast Galaxy of stars, and you shall know the power of the Force. Behold it; feel it; take it all in, and see it reflected in the faces of the demigods who wield it: the Dark Lords of the Sith!
~Darth Ravuk, Dark Lord of the Sith