Friday, February 20, 2015

The Nine Echelons of Sith Mastery

Acolytes who complete Echelon One will be Apprenticed to a Dark Lord.


The Nine Echelons is a program of training that was designed by the founding Dark Lords of Sith Academy as inspired by theOmega Transmission and the climb to Mt. Imperius.
Echelon 1: Chyanamzat (Evaluation)
Your dark side strengths, weaknesses and passions are evaluated. Your commitment to the Sith Path is tested. You begin to create your Sith persona and learn about Sith ideology.
Echelon 2: Rakuzhin (Willpower)
You develop the determination and discipline necessary to complete your path of endarkenment.
Echelon 3: Rakuvril (Force power)
You awaken to the power of the Force and how to bend its energy to your will.
Echelon 4: Borzovrat (Dark Philosophy)
You learn Sith philosophy and ideology as expounded by the Dark Lords.
Echelon 5: Thrâz-Garathûl (Fear Mastery)
You learn how to confront and master the power of fear in yourself and others.
Echelon 6: Thorzhinzat (Domination)
You learn techniques to dominate others so that you can attract power into your life as a Sith.
Echelon 7: Thorakzat (Conquest)
You will learn how to begin establishing your sphere of power and attain victories over the lightsiders.
Echelon 8: Nugrazhzat (Machination)
You will learn how to manipulate political systems, control governments, conduct covert operations, spread propaganda and win power for the Empire.
Echelon 9: Borgashûl (Dark Lordship)
You will be given your final trials. If you pass, you will be granted the title of Dark Lord of the Sith.


To begin your training, complete one of the following Echelon One Challenges: